Become A Member Of Tom's Etching Studi0



Why become a member?

  • Unlimited access to the studio and all facilities Saturday & Sunday.
  • Receive the support of studio technicians.
  • Give yourself the space and tools to make linocuts, woodcuts, monoprints, engravings and etchings or just go bananas-experimental. 
TES feather monoprint 3.png

Art Materials We have:

  • A 100x200 centimeter etching press (the press can be used for etching, lino printing, wood cuts, engraving)
  • Fronting and pushing wool felt blankets
  • Rosin aquatint box
  • Nitric and ferric acid-baths
  • Paper soaking and drying panels with squeegee
  • Blotting towels and boards
  • Air compressor and gun for alternative aquatint methods
  • Hot plate for applying grounds
  • Plate-smoking racks and candles for blackening grounds
  • Pressure boards for drying prints 
  • Dry point, engraving, woodcutting, linocutting and burnishing tools
  • Exposure unit for photo etching
  • All relevant solvents and cleaning materials
  • Chalk and Ammonia for degreasing 
  • Personal storage space  
  • Free wifi
  • Free coffee machine (bring your own coffee)
  • Loads of reading material for inspiration!  


Membership is charged per four week block starting from your first session in the studio. To become a member you must be confident with the entire process of the technique you wish to use and the responsibilities of being a studio member. For any techniques that you are unfamiliar, you must first complete one of our workshops. Once you are a member you are free to use the studio as much as you like.

Not included but you can buy from the studio

Price List For Lino Materials:

  • Paint - £1 per color per 10 prints.
  • Paper knife - £1.50
  • Rollers - you can borrow them for free. 
  • Vinyl A5 - £2
  • Cardboard 
    • A4 - £1
    • A3 - £2
  • Paper
    • A5 indian - £1 per 5 sheets
    • A4 100gsm - £1 per 10 sheets
    • A2 Somerset Paper - £3


Price List For Intaglio Materials:

  • Scrim
  • Ink - £1
  • Soft ground & hard ground
    • up to A4 - £1 per plate
    • over A4 - £2 per plate
  • Hard ground
  • Rosin/aquatint
  • Stop-out varnish
  • Strawhat varnish
  • Photopolymer emulsion
  • Paper
    • A5 indian - £1 per 5 sheets
    • A2 Somerset Paper - £3

The above materials are available for convenience. They are not a cost effective option and it is therefore recommended that materials are brought prior to attending the studio. Intaglio via London Bridge is a recommended source.